Dragon Pterosaur Medieval Battle Shield for Re-Enactment LARP and Halloween Party Cosplay

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SKU: E15213481XSO6171


This hand-made Dragon Renaissance and medieval style battle ready shield features a bright, refreshing and bold new design and is now available for Cosplay and re-enactment fans. Other designs are also available for this high quality medieval display shield to adorn your castle in style and to carry into battle to bedazzle and mezmerize your enemies into submission. Go forth and conquer!


- Color: Blue.
- Material: PU.
- Size: Approx. 51 x 35 x 4cm.
- Hand-Held Re-enactment Battle Shield.
- Dragon Medieval Style Battle Shield.
- Great Artistic Statement For LARP and SCA.
- Heavy Duty Thick Leather Straps
- Beautifully Detailed Functional Art.